Tarpaulins are sheets made out of polythene or Cotton Canvas used for protecting goods from rain, sun, dust, wind etc. In addition to this it has wide variety of Applications which are mentioned below:

Duck Tarpaulins Brand
   Truck and Tempo Covers
   Car Covers
   Industrial Coverings
   Fumigation Covers
   Agricultural Ground Sheets
   Portable Sheets
   Boat Covers
   Wagon Covers
   Swimming Pool Covers
   Construction Covers
   Temporary Shelters (Tents)
   Poultry House Curtains

  • Polythene Tarpaulins made of High Density Polythene woven fabric laminated on both sides with low density polythene.
  • Polythene Sheets - These products are normally available in standard sizes:
15ft X 12ft,    18ft X 12ft,    18ft X 15ft,    24ft X 18ft,    24ft X 16ft,    30ft x 30ft

P.E Tarpaulins

The advantages of PE tarps are that they are very economic compared to cotton canvas tarpaulins. Our PE tarpaulins come with H.D.P.E woven fabric and L.D.P.E laminated on both the sides of tarpaulins making it 100% waterproof. It has multiple uses. Tarpaulin can be made in variety of quality ranging from 85 gsm (grams per square metre) to 350 gsm (grams per square metre) with prices ranging accordingly.

Why Duck Tarpaulins...
  1. Economical - It is almost at 50% price of cotton canvas tarpaulins. Costs less than hiring charges of conventional tarpaulins.
  2. Light in weight - Duck poly tarpaulins are almost 1/3rd in weight compared to conventional Cotton Tarpaulins.
  3. Quality Purchase - YES! It is manufactured as per specifications (IS 7903).It has to pass all tests in the laboratory.
  4. No Microbial attack - There is no fungus formation. It is rot-proof hence it will last longer.
  5. Cent percent waterproof - LDPE film is waterproof but to be extra safe we laminate LDPE on both sides of HDPE fabric.
  6. Inert to chemicals and acids - It is not affected by any chemical or acid or even acid fumes. It lasts longer even in polluted area.
  7. Unaffected by plain or salt water - It does not deteriorate even if it lies dipped in water.
  8. Very Strong - Duck Poly tarpaulins are manufactured by reinforcing HDPE fabric with 2 layers of LDPE.
  9. Unaffected by UV (Ultraviolet) rays - Unlike all plastics it is not affected by Ultraviolet rays in the sunlight as it is UV stabilized - thus lasting longer.

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